Working together to grow together

Alliance of Stone is a group of companies with a long and solid experience in the field of porphyry and natural stone. We were born with the purpose of offering all of the capabilities, competences and services of each individual company, whilst combining them to amplify our strengths through a modern and efficient alliance.
Alliance of Stone is a synonym of Italian tradition, innovation and synergy. The optimization of all of our capabilities, cost efficiencies, production phases, delivery lead times and installation expertise provides a quality guarantee that is unrivalled in our sector. Our FULKRO® brand is a hallmark of our group’s exceptional service offer, and guarantees quality with all of our products.

Our services

Our values


Alliance of Stone offers, in addition to porphyry from the Trentino region, a wide range of natural stones from all over the world, all belonging to the FULKRO® brand.
The research and selection of suppliers are subject to strict procedures requiring compliance with qualitative and ethical protocols which exceed those imposed by existing regulations. The range of materials we offer does not only respond to market demand, but strives to be proactive in order to increase our competitive advantage and deliver a superior service to our customers.

Made in Italy and sustainability

The mining, processing and marketing processes of Alliance of Stone respect the strictest environmental and quality regulations.

Alliance of Stones promotes the quality of its products through the “FULKRO®” brand, already synonymous with quality and sustainability, and some of the highest environmental standards in the mining industry. The group’s production base in Albiano is fitted with a photovoltaic system which provides a 200 kw/hr electricity supply. Any additional energy requirement is purchased from renewable sources.